Site Update: Security and Payments now utilizes HTTPS for all traffic. In addition, my project management system has been moved from to so that it too can utilize HTTPS.

Hello again,

After some thought, I have decided to protect all traffic to and from with HTTPS. This doesn't affect my main site, besides that you will now see a green lock when you visit it, but it does affect my project management system, which I am moving from to so that traffic to and from it can be protected as well. 

Since the project management system is HTTPS now, I am adding a new payment method: Stripe! If you have problems with PayPal payments and just want to use a normal credit card processer, Stripe is now an option. In regards to all previous payments, they were all safe as no credit card credentials were sent to or stored on my server. This is still the case with stripe, but the credit card popup is displayed on my site so a HTTPS connection is required.


Until next time,

Vincent Taglia

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