New Service: Ruby On Rails Websites

Ruby On Rails is a very versatile web development platform used in creating websites that need to store data.


Today I am announcing my expansion into Ruby On Rails development. I first decided to start learning Ruby On Rails when I realize just how much time I was spending building databases and creating schemas when all the client wanted was a simple website that could store data. After spending countless hours learning RoR and building test websites, I am confident that I can build a secure website that will satisfy any of your data-storing needs. 

"Why should I, the customer, care about Ruby on Rails?"

Well, one of the biggest reasons I chose to learn Ruby on Rails, and the reason you'll like the most, is how big of a time saver it is. For an average web development project, Ruby on Rails can save 5 hours of database related work. In addition, because of the easy testing capabilities, it will be easier and faster to find any problems your site has in the future.

Now, not every website is going to need to be coded in Ruby on Rails. If your website is just there to give your customers some information about your company, chances are you won't need or use Ruby on Rails. But if your website requires information to be saved, Ruby on Rails will not only be your best bet in terms of performance, but in terms of cost as well.


Until next time,

Vincent Taglia

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