Branding and Services Update

In an effort to make it more apparent where this company is headed, I have decided to rebrand Vincent Taglia - Web Designer to Vincent Taglia - Web Development & Design. Services have been split into two categories: Web Design and Web Development. Each has a base price for the service, and each has a package upgrade for hosting and maintenance. In addition, MODX has been phased out.

Hey there,

A lot has been happening in the past few months. Since I announced my new web development service via Ruby on Rails in september, there have already been two successful deployments of fully fleged Ruby on Rails applications. To show my clients the direction in which I see this company going, I am announcing a soft rebrand, from Vincent Taglia - Web Designer, to Vincent Taglia - Web Development & Design. In addition, I have simplified my services and put them into two groups and two sub-groups. Now, there is a Web Design and a Web Development category, and in each of those there is a base price service and a package service which includes hosting, support, and maintenance. Hopefully this will make it easier for potential clients to understand what they might need. If you have any feedback, about this new change, feel free to email me through my contact form.

See you soon,

Vincent Taglia


P.S. You can check out my new and improved services here.

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